All About Roofing Options

There are a number of roofing options that you have in your back yard, from asphalt shingles and tile to corrugated metal and wood shakes. Each one of these materials is available in different thicknesses and prices to meet your needs. The biggest factor in choosing any of the materials on the market is going to be durability. If you are going to put a big roof on your house, you want it to last for a long time, so choose the material wisely. When you are considering your roofing options, you will also need to take into consideration your home’s structure, such as how many rooms there are, what kind of landscaping plans you have planned, etc.

If you live in an area with a short summer season and long, cold winters, your roofing options might include a variety of metals like shingles, aluminum, copper or zinc. Although these materials will cost you more than asphalt or wood shingles, they can be much sturdier and last for a longer time as well. If you have opted for these types of materials in your roofing options, then you will also want to look at the long lifespan of these materials as well. Although there are some roofs that will require painting after a certain amount of time, long-term exposure to paint will start to damage the zinc panels, which are the most durable part of the roofing system.

For those homeowners who want to create an aesthetic design in their roof, architectural shingles might be a great choice. These are also the most expensive roofing options available on the market today. If you are going with asphalt shingles in your roofing options, then this will provide you with a cheap way to create a modern design. In terms of long-lasting durability, architectural shingles are definitely stronger than asphalt shingles, even though they are not as light-weight. There are many homeowners who love the look of these types of roofing options because they are very modern. This is also true with those who prefer a more traditional look to their home.